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Safety and Protection

Reporting Anti Social Behavior


Louth Local Authorities employs two full - time anti social behaviour investigations officers to deal with ASB in local authority houses/ estates.
Their remit extends to:

  • Local authority tenants
  • Rental Accommodation Scheme
  • Leasing tenants
  • Residents of purchased local authority houses who are not the owners.

We have an ASB form that can be completed where people wish to make a complaint about anti social behaviour in their estates.
If you wish to make a complaint
click here to download the form, complete the form and then return to your local housing office.

No one will be able to find out who made a complaint about them.
Anonymous complaints are not accepted. You must sign the form.

Louth County Council
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T 042 933 5457
Drogheda Borough Council
T 041 983 3511
Dundalk Town Council
T 042 933 2276
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